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Here’s the trouble with RNA: In order to sequence and analyze it, you first have to get it out of your biological samples intact. And, as we all know, this requires some nimble fingers – avoiding RNases, moving quickly, and working to ensure the highest quality RNA possible.

We know that the quality of an RNA sequencing experiment starts with the method of its purification from your sample (See 6 CHANGES THAT’LL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR RNA-SEQ; PART 1). But, the primary focus of our Discovery Services laboratory experts is to develop and deliver the BEST in RNA library preparation, sequencing, and analysis.  

So, how can we help you to provide us with the best quality RNA possible?

Cofactor is pleased to announce that we have partnered with ARQ Genetics and their staff of Ph.D.-level molecular biologists, applying their years of experience to consistently deliver high quality material from your samples.

For routine RNA extractions (such as cell pellets, tissue, non-CLIA FFPE), we’ve made the process as easy as possible:

  • The cost of the extraction can be added directly to your RNA-seq quote, no additional billing required.
  • Transit time is minimized by shipping your samples directly to ARQ. Once extracted, the RNA will be transported to Cofactor for all downstream molecular and analysis.
  • Quality Control data are collected following extraction at ARQ and then once again at Cofactor, ensuring high-quality RNA is feeding into the RNA-seq workflow.

“We’ve seen a high quality of work performed by ARQ — with both client projects and internal projects alike.  I’m pleased that we’ll be offering this service to our customers who are unfamiliar with RNA extractions, or unable to devote internal resources. It’s important for us to make the process of obtaining high-quality RNA-seq data as seamless as possible for our clients.”   -Jon Armstrong, CSO 

If you are interested in including RNA extraction as part of your project, just let us know during our experimental design discussions. Contact a Project Scientist at Cofactor Genomics to get started today!


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