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Our Story

A world where every medical decision
is data-driven & personalized


Cofactor Genomics was founded after the pioneering efforts of the Human Genome Project made high-throughput, affordable human genome sequencing a reality. The founders saw that analyzing RNA offered a number of advantages over the static nature of DNA (learn more here).


Today, Cofactor Genomics is bringing precision medicine to immunotherapy by leading development of predictive diagnostics. Powered by RNA-expression models, Cofactor’s approach can characterize the microenvironment of a tumor and predict patient response to immunotherapy.


Despite major breakthroughs in cancer treatments, less than 20% of patients respond to even the most innovative immunotherapies. The reason is the industry’s reliance on imperfect, single-analyte biomarkers – using antiquated methods to poorly match patients to therapies.

Our team of 20-year veterans in genomics have harnessed the power of RNA to build the technologies, data assets, and regulatory frameworks to enable more predictive multidimensional biomarkers. Driven by clinical and market data, we’ve prioritized a list of key cancer subtypes that address the highest unmet clinical need, with promising results.


Our team is as multifaceted as the biomarkers we’re building. With scientific experts, computer science wizards, and creative individuals abound, we’re determined to solve the challenges that have stalled precision medicine. We move quickly, experiment regularly, and make time to enjoy each other’s company. We’d love to hear how your background fits with our mission.


  • Jarret Glasscock, PhD
    Jarret Glasscock, PhD Founder and CEO

    20 years leading RNA-based Genomic Research. 10 years on the Human Genome Project. PhD in Computational Biology.

  • Dave Messina COO

    20 years in Genomics. Masters in Genetics, PhD in Computational Biology. Led Cofactor’s CAP-CLIA accreditation team.

  • Eric Duncavage, MD
    Eric Duncavage, MD Medical Director

    Board certified Clinical Diagnostic Pathologist, co-directs clinical assay development at the Washington University, member of the clinical laboratory standards institute (CLSI).



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[email protected]

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