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The Cofactor team can most often be found in our St. Louis laboratory, or our San Francisco offices.  But, sometimes we hit the road to share our latest work with our customers, collaborators, [...]

The trouble with RNA

Here’s the trouble with RNA: In order to sequence and analyze it, you first have to get it out of your biological samples intact. And, as we all know, this requires some nimble fingers – [...]

Discovery and Identification of Fusions and Isoforms

Two weeks back I attended AGBT and had such a great time I thought I would share some highlights from our collaborative research with Pacific Biosciences. The motivation: Cofactor has solutions [...]

Cofactor highlights results from Nugen and Pacific Biosciences partnerships at AGBT 2016

Don’t Miss our Exciting Work in RNA Discovery with our Collaborators from Pacific Biosciences and Nugen   (Hint, we will be the ones wearing orange jackets) Representatives from [...]

Genetic Rescue of Extinct Species with Revive & Restore

Being on the cutting edge of genomics has been a part of our team’s identity since before the formation of Cofactor Genomics. This is due to the fact that a number of our directors worked on the [...]