Using RNA to
Diagnose Disease

We are past Human Genome Project Scientists that are developing the next
generation of diagnostics and disease monitoring tests for the 95% of diseases
that cannot be diagnosed by DNA. We are on a war-path to advance
drug development and clinical diagnostics through our unique RNA tests.


Unique RNA technology
paired with big data analytics.

We combine CAP-CLIA certified RNA sequencing and unequaled machine learning algorithms to find relevant biomarkers that provide insight into the nature of disease. Analogous to associating a fingerprint to an individual, numerous diseases can be identified by a unique molecular profile.

We are the leaders
in Ribonucleic acid.

As industry leaders in RNA-based discovery services, our team has spent the last five years applying unique analysis to thousands of the most challenging RNA samples. Today we have contracts with 9 of the world’s largest Pharma to develop RNA based solutions to drive their pre-clinical studies

We have moved RNA out of discovery and into the clinic.

Our standardized, validated, and CAP-CLIA certified RNA diagnostic tests are being used to validate DNA and protein assays, drive efficacy of treatment through patient stratification, and enable development of prognostic and diagnostic RNA markers.

Our Clients

What they said about us

“This acquisition brings two major changes to Cofactor: it establishes  Cofactor’s San Francisco presence and secures the resources necessary to change the face of medicine by using RNA to detect disease and monitor treatment progression.”

“We believe that RNA is a better barometer of health. It changes dynamically and we think it’s a much more accurate and much earlier way to diagnose disease”

“Circular RNA is noncoding, present in the cytoplasm, plays a role in neuronal development, and can serve as a biomarker for psychiatric disorders”

“Everything your body does leaves a trail of RNA. Flu? RNA codes for inflammatory antibodies. Parkinsons? RNA leaves a distinct trace in neurons. Cancer? RNA is the agent that enables your body to copy its malfunctioning DNA code.”

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