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Our body is constantly sending data packets. These packets change in type and amount depending on the state of our body… healthy state, if we have been infected, or if there is onset of disease. These data packets are RNA, telling the body what proteins have to be made.


Therefore, RNA is a barometer of our health. While our DNA is static and tells us the risk of someday having a disease, it is our RNA that we are able to monitor and understand when we actually have a disease, and it is RNA that tells us if we are getting better.


Cofactor and our team of past Human Genome Project scientists are on a mission to read and interpret the signals in RNA to build the world’s largest database of Health Expression Models. We are combining molecular technologies with machine learning to push the boundaries on signal to noise separation, and creating a whole new class of oncology diagnostics. We are pioneers in the field of Predictive Immune Modeling and believe the future of precision medicine relies on multidimensional biomarkers to more accurately capture the complexity of disease.


If you’re interested in using your skills to contribute to the discovery of signals underlying disease and truly have your work translate into products that save lives, let’s connect. Don’t see a good fit based on the roles we have posted?  Submit your resume in “Cofactor Careers” and let us know how you think you can contribute.


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