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Move beyond single-analyte to multidimensional.

Achieving true precision medicine requires a shift to multidimensional models.

the 5 step process of the health expression model cycle

World’s Largest Database of RNA Models

Cofactor has invested >$10M over the past decade, to analyze more than two trillion data points from over 10,000 patient samples with machine-learning, to build the largest database of gene expression models.

Health Expression Models:

  • Capture multiple facets of complex biological systems using RNA
  • Include models to quantify key immune cells known to play a role in immune-oncology
  • Have demonstrated improvements in sensitivity and specificity in detecting cells in the tumor microenvironment of solid tumors
Animation of steps for individual immune profile process

Use ImmunoPrism to immune profile patient

Start Making Big Data Meaningful. With Cofactor’s ImmunoPrism® Assay you’ll gain powerful insights to inform clinical trial decisions with improved immune profiling and reporting for individual patients.

Cofactor’s technology is protected by United States Patent #20200227138.  We have the freedom to operate in all cancer types and predicting response to all immunotherapies.

Build multidimensional biomarker using Predictive Immune Modeling

Single-analyte biomarkers fail to capture the complexity of disease. With Cofactor’s technology, patients are stratified based on clinical outcomes, and their immune profiles are combined using machine-learning to generate a multidimensional biomarker with higher predictive accuracy. Our report features important statistics including ppv, npv, and a ROC curve to immediately evaluate the potential of the multidimensional biomarker on future studies.

Multidimensional predictive biomarkers
Animation of steps for diagnostic and drug development

Deploy OncoPrism diagnostic for patient treatment decision

Build Powerful Biomarkers for Potential Diagnostics. With appropriate clinical cohorts from your retrospective study, our platform delivers the most predictive multidimensional biomarker that defines your patient populations.

Cofactor offers products both for Research Use Only (not to be used as a diagnostic assay) and within our CAP-certified laboratory.  Please contact us to discuss which option is right for your application.

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