We use RNA patterns to
identify disease.

Cofactor’s Machine Learning software enables us to achieve the signal to noise
separation necessary to make RNA ­based diagnostics a reality. The molecules
we are detecting have been implicated in heart disease, cancer, and
neurological diseases.


The world’s largest database of
RNA profiles.

We have built models of disease from over 10,000 patient samples. To understand the key drivers of disease, we encode the RNA of each patient sample and compare that sample to our disease models.   We model thousands of samples, in hundreds of diseases, to provide one answer.

Clinically Approved RNA

We have spent years working closely with regulatory agencies in order to meet the stringent requirements necessary to apply our technologies to clinical samples. Our lab is CAP/CLIA certified, allowing us to process clinical samples.
“While others have been looking at DNA, our team has been heavily focused on developing technologies suited for RNA. Specific methods and technologies are required for RNA because of the dynamic nature of the molecules.”

Jon Armstrong, CSO Cofactor

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