How low can you go?

How low can you go? Advantages of low-input RNA-seq over single-cell RNA-seq Do you believe RNA sequencing has become an essential tool in addressing biological questions? That it is a powerful [...]

Cofactor at ASCO

Cofactor is proud to announce that key members of our Executive and R&D teams will be on the ground at ASCO 2016 in Chicago: In addition to seeing the latest advances of our colleagues, we [...]

picoRNA and Thinking Outside the Kit

Welcome to my first blog post! In dealing with samples obtained in the clinic, as many researchers frequently do, often only a small amount of tissue is available.  RNA-Seq from low input amounts [...]

2016 Update: Speed and Price- How Cofactor’s specialization in RNA benefits your project

Three years ago we set out on a mission to transform Cofactor into a company that would lead our industry in pre-clinical discovery services using RNA and clinical tests that would fully leverage [...]

Circular RNAs Come to the Forefront

 Here at Cofactor, we have long believed in the potential of circular RNA (circRNA) for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.  While previously thought to be a spurious result of aberrant [...]

Discovery and Identification of Fusions and Isoforms

Two weeks back I attended AGBT and had such a great time I thought I would share some highlights from our collaborative research with Pacific Biosciences. The motivation: Cofactor has solutions [...]

Cofactor highlights results from Nugen and Pacific Biosciences partnerships at AGBT 2016

Don’t Miss our Exciting Work in RNA Discovery with our Collaborators from Pacific Biosciences and Nugen   (Hint, we will be the ones wearing orange jackets) Representatives from [...]

Choosing a reference for your RNA-seq experiment

What defines success for your RNA-seq experiment? It’s a question that we ask a lot around here (aside from “what are you doing for lunch”?). And what are the metrics we can use to answer [...]

What Happens When Hardware Advances Faster than Molecular Protocols?

The minimal goal of any RNA-seq experiment is to generate actionable data. Commonly accepted RNA-seq analysis pipelines usually include an adapter clipping step which removes (or masks) read [...]

It’s a big, big world for non-coding RNAs

My past two blogs explored the broad topics of gene expression and epigenetics. Oh boy, our cells’ genetic complexity skyrockets after considering the role epigenetics has in biology.  This [...]

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