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Three years ago we set out on a mission to transform Cofactor into a company that would lead our industry in pre-clinical discovery services using RNA and clinical tests that would fully leverage the power of RNA.

When we made the commitment to create a different path than other next generation sequencing companies — companies who perform every sequencing application/test known in the industry (i.e. becoming the equivalent of a buffet with 200 items… a lot of variety, but none spectacular) — some really great things happened. We became able to focus our development on building a small number of solutions that represent the very best in the industry, while also providing the best turnaround and pricing available. This is the benefit of specialization in any industry, and this is clearly at work at Cofactor.

For all our valued partners and clients, and for those of you we haven’t yet worked with, we would like to share our 2016:Q2 updated RNA-seq preclinical discovery offerings. They allow you to characterize samples with very limited quantities (our picoRNA offering) and also samples that are very challenging due to low quality (our FFPE99 offering). The prices presented below include full comparative expression analysis and Cofactor’s RNA-seq ActiveSite. In addition, we are excited to offer a 3-week turnaround on all of the products listed below. These products are the result of our R&D and refinements we’ve developed from working with thousands of samples.

Contact us today to take advantage of these offerings and be able to include samples in your study that were previously inaccessible.

2016/Q2 Product Price Sheet


RNAble-seq – Standards and controls crucial for success lacking from core lab facilities and other service providers.

picoRNA – Gain access to valuable and limiting sources such as; FNA, sorted cells, rare samples, laser capture tissue biopsy.

FFPE-99 – Eliminates variability in low quality RNA samples that have high clinical value.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.29.38 AM

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