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AACR 2019 Q&A with Jarret Glasscock

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Meet with Cofactor at AACR This Year

In this week’s Q&A, we’re chatting with Jarret Glasscock, CEO at Cofactor Genomics. Jarret shares what he’s most looking forward to at the American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting this year in Atlanta, Georgia and how to set up a meeting with Cofactor’s team. 

Q: Cofactor will be at AACR next week; what will you be doing there?

A: The primary goal of this year for us to meet with our colleagues at institutions that have either recently began or recently wrapped up studies involving our new product, ImmunoPrism.

Q: AACR is huge – how do you plan to prioritize what you attend?

A: This is a huge meeting and I think you have to go in there with a strategy on what the themes you’re going to focus on. I think the first theme of interest for me is how the immune system is being used as a tool to understand therapies. When you understand diagnostics better, you gain a better understanding of cancer in general. The second theme is more broad; I’m looking to focus on any of my fellow scientists who are using RNA to write this emerging and important chapter in precision medicine.

Q: You’ve announced a number of collaborations recently, what are the goal of these clinical studies?

A: The goal of the clinical studies is to use Predictive Immune Modeling to both elucidate and understand it’s role in a few key areas. The first area is patient stratification for the purpose of placing the right patients in the right trials. The second is accurately predicting responders for different therapies and different classes of therapies. The last area is to establish an immune activation post treatment after a given therapy. There is currently no great way to establish that activation in quantitative molecular fashion, which most people who are developing these innovative therapies really want to get.

Q: How can we get in touch and meet with the Cofactor team at AACR?

A: The best way to get on our schedule is to visit www.cofactorgenomics.com/AACR19. On that page is a sign up sheet to schedule a time to meet with our team. My second suggestion would be to connect with us by stopping at our booth, which is #4357. We’ll be taking meetings there and we look forward to seeing you there.

Q: Looking forward, what’s next for Cofactor? What are you most excited about for 2019?

A: Our work in Predictive Immune Modeling, and ImmunoPrism in general, is really motivated by the more than 1,000 therapies and combinations of therapies currently in clinical trials and providing a much needed tool for identifying responders to those therapies. The part that I’m most excited about and inspired by is seeing our colleagues in the field share their different insights and creative uses of this robust tool that can accurately predict the immune composition. From more pragmatic uses and filling clinical trials, to understanding modes of action within therapies that are being developed, every week there’s new and creative ways to use these tools beyond what we ever had in mind.

Questions about Cofactor or our product offerings?  Reach out to schedule a time to speak with one of our Project Scientists today.


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