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Collaborating with Researchers to Use Different Approaches to Advance Precision Medicine

In this week’s Q&A, Cofactor’s Senior Marketing Manager, Lauren Caulfield, discusses how reaching the right people can help advance precision medicine. We’ll chat about the most recent developments and how ImmunoPrism™ can better predict patient response in immunooncology using RNA.

Watch the full video here or read the Q&A below.

Q: What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far?

Lauren: My favorite project I’ve worked on at Cofactor is probably the ImmunoPrism™ grant program. The grant was created to inspire the research, clinical, and science communities to take a different approach to creating biomarkers. ImmunoPrism™ is used to develop multidimensional biomarkers, which are more predictive than a single-analyte approach. The project was really rewarding to work on because it encouraged a more collaborative approach to this problem. We wanted people to use our product for research to discover new possibilities or use cases for multidimensional biomarkers, which was really inspiring to me. The campaign consisted of emails, handouts, and face-to-face interactions at IO360 and AACR conferences, as well as a press release, social posts, and a landing page to collect the information of applicants.

Q: What gets you most excited about the company’s future?

Lauren: The most exciting part of Cofactor’s future is the sheer scale of the impact we can have on treating cancer. Immunotherapies only work in about 3 in 10 patients, but when the right patient is matched to the right therapy, they result in up to 80% of these patients reaching total remission. Matching patients to therapies can be done successfully using multidimensional biomarkers and the results could change so many lives. I am also excited about the company’s future in regards to testing and learning and from a marketing aspect. I value data driven decision making and think it’s great to work at a company that shares this passion so that we can reach more potential partners and collaborators and grow.

Q: Are there any potential uses for ImmunoPrism that you find particularly exciting?

Lauren: There are a lot of potential uses for our product, ImmunoPrism™, that I find very interesting. One was just written about on our blog by my colleague, Ian, about CAR-T therapy. He explains that CAR-T therapy involves harvesting the patient’s T cells, genetically engineering them, and then reintroducing them back into the patient. The role that ImmunoPrism™ plays is to help answer questions that researchers are asking like, “What is the product being administered?”, “What is the state of the immune system of the patient in prior transplant?”, and “How does the patient’s immune system recover after transplant?” You can read that article on our blog here.


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