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Building Tools to Advance Precision Medicine for Cancer Patients

Raymund Bueno, PhD, Computational Biologist, at Cofactor Genomics share why he believes multidimensional biomarkers are a significant improvement over single analyte approaches. Watch the full video here or read the Q&A below.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working at Cofactor?

Raymund: My favorite part about work at Cofactor is being part of a team of fun and intelligent people. Being part of a company whose founders were part of the Genome project is inspiring as throughout my PhD training, I learned about how the technology from that project revolutionized biomedical research and see its impact on today’s world.

Q: What gets you most excited about the company’s future?

Raymund: I am most excited for the difference that our product will make in the field of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. By focusing on multi-analyte biomarkers, we are moving closer to advancing precision medicine for cancer patients.

Q: How do you feel that your work impacts human health?

Raymund: We focus on multidimensional biomarkers which will potentially advance precision medicine for all cancer patients. A disease is very complex and involves various players and the accumulation of a number of changes, not just a single change. By taking a multi-dimensional approach we have a more involved understanding of this disease and how those changes are affecting the body.

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