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Partnership Allows SAGE to offer Gene Expression Profiling Services as part of SAGEspeed® Offering

 ST. LOUIS, MO. – September 23, 2013 – SAGE Labs Inc., a leading provider of In vivo products, services and technologies in the field of genome engineering, announced today that it will begin offering RNA-sequencing services as part of its SAGEspeed Custom Model Creation Platform. The sequencing and analysis portion of the RNA-seq studies will be performed by Cofactor Genomics, a leader in the field of RNA sequencing and analysis (RNA-seq).

Through the agreement, SAGE Labs, who has rights to use Zinc Finger Nuclease (ZFN) and CRISPR/cas9 technology to generate genetically modified mice, rats, and rabbits, will now be able to provide gene expression profiles on the resulting animal models. This enables researchers to identify genes that are turned on or off as a result of the genomic modification.

Clients of the RNA-seq services will receive an in-depth representation of expressed loci and differential expression of genes. These expression profiles lay the foundation for future experiments involving the animal model, for instance, studying how gene expression will change in response to certain treatments or conditions.

Kevin Gamber, PhD, Director of Marketing at SAGE Labs, explained “SAGE is very excited to offer RNA-seq expression profiling as a part of our SAGEspeed custom model generation services. Through this valuable addition, customers will not only receive their custom animal model, but also the relative gene expression level of every gene. You’ll instantly be able to know which genes and pathways are potentially affected in your model.”

Cofactor’s COO, Jon Armstrong, noted “Cofactor is pleased to offer our expertise in RNA sequencing to build off of SAGE’s genetically engineered models. Genomic characterization is the next step after animal model creation and RNA expression analysis will provide insight and confidence to an already excellent service. SAGE is not only a leader in the field but a fellow St. Louis company and we are delighted to be collaborating with them.”

For more information on custom animal model generation and expression profiling services, please visit: https://www.sageresearchlabs.com/services/RNA-seq

About Sage Labs

SAGE® Labs is a world-class provider of next-generation research models and transgenic support services. Using proprietary platform technologies, such as Zinc Finger Nucleases (ZFN) and the CRISPR/cas9 system for genome engineering, SAGE produces complex in vivo research models in half the time as models produced using conventional technologies. For more information, visit https://www.sageresearchlabs.com. .

About Cofactor Genomics, LLC

Cofactor Genomics is a privately held biotechnology company that employs experimental design, next generation sequencing, and proprietary analysis technology and pipelines to drive the discovery and design of new products and processes for the life sciences. Cofactor’s D&A (Design & Analysis) Solution is constructed to specifically assist those researchers who require more than just sequencing at a reasonable cost. It also provides expert design and analysis capabilities, customized to specific requirements, and bioinformatics to make the most of the data that is generated. Cofactor’s expertise in molecular biology and bioinformatics accelerates its partners’ biological research, discovery and product development in a number of scientific areas worldwide. For more information, visit www.cofactor.wpengine.com.

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