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The Cofactor team can most often be found in our St. Louis laboratory, or our San Francisco offices.  But, sometimes we hit the road to share our latest work with our customers, collaborators, [...]

Natalie LaFranzo: Cofactor’s New Director of Scientific Projects and Market Development

Dr. LaFranzo  will be leading Cofactor’s Project Scientist team; the team directly responsible for making sure Cofactor’s newly developed CAP/CLIA RNA tests and RNA sequencing services are [...]

Cofactor at ASCO

Cofactor is proud to announce that key members of our Executive and R&D teams will be on the ground at ASCO 2016 in Chicago: In addition to seeing the latest advances of our colleagues, we [...]

Marxism, Colonialism, and Entry Level Start Up Jobs

When I applied at Cofactor I wasn’t thinking that I wanted to work in biotech, I wasn’t even thinking that I wanted to work at a startup. I just wanted a job. It is one of the few [...]

Space, Its a Science

If you start challenging the norms or generally accepted way to do things, then your team starts thinking in innovative and creative ways. It opens their minds. Cofactor is at its third location, [...]

Lessons Learned from Cofactor’s Y Combinator Experience, Seven Months Later

I thought it would be interesting to reflect on Cofactor’s time in the Y Combinator Summer 2015 batch after getting seven months of perspective and work under our belts. I really wanted to [...]

Saint Louis is Not a Cheaper San Francisco (and that’s OK)

As part of the MVF speaker series I’m giving a talk on Friday at the Moto Museum (a great venue) discussing the building of Cofactor Genomics.  In preparation for that I’ve been thinking about [...]

5 parallels between boxing and building a business

  1. Your fight plan is your best guess and sometimes plans have to change in the ring. When we first founded Cofactor we thought that DNA was the future of biotech and medicine, having [...]

How to Apply to Y Combinator

As we’ve talked about before, Cofactor is now backed by Y Combinator  and was accepted into their Summer 2015 class. Applications for the Winter class are open now (go apply!), so I thought [...]