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Profiling the Tumor Immune Microenvironment During Neoadjuvant Therapy for Soft-Tissue Sarcomas

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A webinar presented in 

collaboration with GenomeWeb

This webinar will discuss the benefits of genomically profiling the immune microenvironment of soft tissue sarcomas during neoadjuvant therapy.

Sarcomas are a group of more than 70 cancers of mesenchymal origin that together comprise approximately 1 percent of all cancers. On initial presentation, these tumors are often localized and curable. Surgery is the mainstay of therapy, but radiation and sometimes chemotherapy can also play an important role.

Unfortunately, even with state-of-the-art care, more than 50 percent of patients with large, high-grade tumors will develop advanced disease. Immunotherapy has the potential to cure many of these patients, but little is known about the changing immune microenvironment during neoadjuvant treatment for soft tissue sarcoma.

In this webinar, Seth M. Pollack of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center will discuss a study that used multiple approaches to generate a molecular profile of these cancers. He will provide details of how Cofactor Genomics' ImmunoPrism assay (formerly Paragon) was used to dissect the changing tumor immune microenvironment in soft tissue sarcoma during neoadjuvant therapy and will share results from the study.


Seth M. Pollack, MD

Assistant Member

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Clinical Research Division

Assistant Professor,

University of Washington, Division of Oncology 

Speaker Bio: 

Seth M. Pollack is an expert on sarcomas, cancers of the bone, and soft tissues. Dr. Pollack’s research is focused on the development of novel immunotherapies for patients with advanced sarcoma. His work has used a variety of methodologies to characterize the sarcoma tumor immune microenvironment, resulting in multiple ongoing novel checkpoint inhibitor trials. He has a particular focus on developing novel therapies for synovial sarcoma and myxoid/round cell liposarcoma, two sarcoma types that generally have strong expression of the immunotherapeutic target NY-ESO-1. Dr. Pollack also sees sarcoma patients at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (a partnership between the Fred Hutch, UW and Seattle Children’s Hospital).

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