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Send your samples to us.


Congratulations! You have discussed an experimental design with one of our Project Scientists, signed a project quote, and are ready to move forward with Sample Submission.


Please follow the Guidelines below to safely and easily ship your samples to Cofactor.

Step 1: View and Download the appropriate Sample Submission Checklist document

  • View and Download the appropriate sample submission guide from the table below, based on the catalog number on your project quotation. 
  • These documents contain information on sample requirements for the various sequencing options offered at Cofactor Genomics.
Product NameCatalog NumberSample Submission Guide
mRNAbleCFG001-30, CFG001-60, or CFG001-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Production
Total RNAbleCFG002-40, CFG002-70, or CFG002-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Production
picoRNACFG003-30, CFG003-60, or CFG003-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Production
FFPExactCFG004-40, CFG004-70, or CFG004-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Production
miRNAbleCFG005-10 or CFG005-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Production
RNAccessCFG006-30, CFG006-60, or CFG006-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Production
RNAmplifyCFG007-40, CFG007-70, or CFG007-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Custom
RNAdvantageCFG008-80 or CFG008-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Custom
RNAssembleCFG010-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Custom
RiboPROCFG011-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Custom
All_SpliceCFG012-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Custom
Custom ProtocolCFG000-CUSTOMSample Submission Guide – Custom
R&D ProtcolCFG000-R&DSample Submission Guide – Custom
RNA-seqDxCFGDx-101 or CFGDx-102Sample Submission Form – CAP/CLIA

Step 2 (Optional): Download the Guidelines for International Shipments

Shipping from outside of the US? Download and follow these Guidelines.

Step 3: Prepare your samples for Shipment

  • Extract RNA using a trusted protocol/kit including DNase treatment, or discuss extraction options with your Project Scientist. 
  • Check to make sure your samples meet our quantity/quality requirements.
  • If shipping extracted RNA, the sample must be in nuclease-free water and shipped frozen on dry ice.
  • If shipping FFPE, we recommend shipping with a cold pack.
  • If shipping frozen tissue or cell pellets, please ship frozen on dry ice.
  • Include a copy of your quote and sample list spreadsheet when you mail samples.

Concerned about extractions? Contact your Project Scientist to add RNA extraction to your project quotation.

Step 4: Download the Sample List Spreadsheet

Please download the appropriate Sample List Spreadsheet  and fill in your sample info.


Sample List Spreadsheet


Ensure the sample names on your spreadsheet match the labels on your tubes. If the samples names do not fit on the tube labels, please use simplified names and include a legend to match the shortened/simplified name to the longer name.

Step 5: Fill out the Sample Submission Info

Fill out the questions below, and upload your completed Sample List Spreadsheet (downloaded above). 

Quote Number (required)

PO Number (if applicable)

Principle Investigator (required)

Email (required)

Shipping Address (required)

DNA/RNA Extraction Method (required)

Sample Organism (required)

Number of Samples Enclosed (required)

Sample List Spreadsheet (required)

Sample QC Information (Examples: Gel Images, Bioanalyzer Trace, additional spreadsheets, etc.)

Tracking Number (required)

Shipping Company (required)

Are there any known issues with your samples?

Step 6: Ship your Samples

All that’s left is to send in your samples.


Please ship all samples to:

Cofactor Genomics
Attn: Sample Submission
4044 Clayton Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

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