Clinical Assays for Treatment Decisions

Our CAP/CLIA accredited laboratory is one of the only clinical laboratories specializing in RNA-based assays.

Leverage the dynamic nature of RNA,

Combined with our expertise in clinical samples.

Cofactor offers access to two clinically-validated assays to improve your clinical decision making abilities.


Our ImmunoPrism™ assay quantitatively measures 8 key immune cells in solid tumor samples from as little as two FFPE sections.


RNA-seqDx surveys the entire transcriptome to provide a broad look at a patient’s disease state.


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CAP/CLIA-Grade RNA Sequencing Products

Product NameCatalog NumberDescriptionPrice per Sample
ImmunoPrism™ Clinical AssayCFGDx-301Clinically-validated immune characterization for solid tumorsContact Us
RNA-seqDxCFGDx-101CFGDx-102Fresh-Frozen CAP/CLIA RNA sequencing, 30 million single-end readsFresh-Frozen CAP/CLIA RNA sequencing, 60 million single-end reads$1000$1500

RNA-seqDx includes delivery of FASTQ files only and does not include comparative expression or other advanced analysis.

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