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 In Analysis, RNA-Seq

As previously reported, Cofactor recently opened up our bioinformatics pipeline and ActiveSite interfaces to Analysis-Only projects. Both sequencing cores and researchers have been excited about the opportunity to work with us. Some of our researchers have been sitting on a hard drive for months waiting on analysis, others are working with cores offering exceptional pricing on sequencing but no in-house analysis, and some are leveraging Cofactor’s years of expertise to examine obscure organisms.

Our current customers have cited both the ease and speed of the process as reasons they would work with us again. Through our recent round of work we’ve been able to turnaround RNA-seq Analysis-Only projects in 3 weeks or less. And all we need from researchers to move forward is a copy of the raw FASTQ data, and some information on the reference genome. Once the analysis is complete, we walk through both the data and our ActiveSite interface. Using this powerful tool, researchers can narrow down candidate genes with the click of a few buttons.

Cofactor looks to act as an extension of your lab or sequencing core. And, the high standards we set will give you confidence in the data we deliver. Please get in touch for more information or pricing.

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