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 In Customer Spotlight

Cofactor Genomics in conjunction with Knome and Applied Biosystems, will construct libraries and perform the sequencing of Ozzy Osbourne’s genome. Cofactor will generate sequencing data on a newly installed Applied Biosystems SOLiD 4 system by Life Technologies while Knome will provide data analysis and interpretation.

“These technologies produce thousands of times more data per run and at a fraction of the cost than those technologies/techniques used in the human genome project.” says Cofactor Genomics’ Chief Technical Officer Dr. Jarret Glasscock. “This data will lead to even more insight into what makes Ozzy tick…. techniques far superior to playing all his records backwards.”

Cofactor Genomics, based in St. Louis, MO., has provided next-generation sequencing and analysis services to customers since 2008.  The company utilizes both the Illumina and SOLiD sequencing platforms in combination with commercial and proprietary analysis software and pipelines.  In the short time since their inception, Cofactor has established a reputation for extremely high quality and consistent data generation.

“I believe this is one of the most compelling marriage of endeavors.” comments Jon Armstrong, Chief Marketing Officer for Cofactor Genomics.  “Cofactor is using the most advanced genomic technology to better understand the life of Mr. Osbourne; a person that has fashioned their complete existence as a creative individual.”

Cofactor Genomics will generate the genomic sequence data for Ozzy’s genome using the newly released SOLiD 4 platform. “The SOLiD 4 system is perfectly suited for this type of work based on its extremely high sequence output and lowest error rate of any sequencing platform.” notes Jon Armstrong.

Life Technologies, headquartered in Carlsbad, CA is the manufacturer of the SOLiD line of Next-Generation sequencers. Knome located in Cambridge, MA provides consumers with whole genome sequencing and analysis for biomedical researchers and physician-directed families.

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