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Unprecedented Perspective

for Personalized Medicine

Uncover gene expression and fusion patterns that make each patient’s cancer unique.

Analyze over 300 oncology-relevant targets from a single FFPE sample, while gaining context from hundreds of other samples of the same cancer type.

RNA is increasingly recognized as a crucial class of cancer biomarkers. The presence and quantity of RNA is a snapshot of the state of a sample or cell at a given moment in time and therefore gives unique insight into the disease biology. Expression signatures, transcript fusions, and novel isoforms have all been valuable in identifying important patient segments that correspond to response to therapy or for identifying new drug targets.

Why RNA?

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Download our recent webinar featuring Dr. Eric Duncavage, Pathologist at Washington University's Genomic Pathology Services core, and learn about how RNA adds valuable information missed by DNA assays alone.  

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Cofactor Pinnacle enables the identification of important cancer associated features, not detectable by DNA sequencing alone. Pinnacle measures the RNA expression of 379 prominent cancer genes, identifies those with oncogenic expression, and enables fusion identification in 187 critical cancer associated genes from FFPE tumor samples.

Download our ALK case study for more data.

Why Pinnacle?

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