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 In Cofactor Genomics

We care about all of the details in a project here at Cofactor. From the experimental design, all the way through the analysis, the way we conduct the science behind your project is constantly evaluated and improved. But we also know that the way you actually receive your data is important. It’s why we’ve worked on ActiveSite. And ActiveSite is perfect for delivering project analysis. But the current state of the internet makes it inefficient to deliver raw data to our customers online. So we still send each customer a full copy of their raw data on a hard drive.

Well, we’ve started to ship our drives out in new packaging to improve our customers’ experience. The box is designed to be a permanent home for your data. It’s padded on the inside to provide some protection in case of the worst, and each box is labeled with identifying information so you don’t have to plug in multiple drives just to find the data you want. It’s the size of a small book, so it’ll fit on any bookshelf you have.

The box, brochure and thank-you card

The hand stamped cardboard box

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