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Awards Scientists and Clinicians Who Create Predictive Immune Models and Multidimensional Biomarkers Using the Cofactor ImmunoPrismTM Assay

NEW YORK (BusinessWire), February 6, 2019 — Cofactor Genomics, pioneers in the field of Predictive Immune Modeling, announced a $100,000 grant program to reward innovations with the Cofactor ImmunoPrismTM Assay. The program was unveiled at the 2019 Immuno-Oncology 360° Conference in New York.

In December 2018, Cofactor made available the use of its proprietary database of Health Expression Models (HEMs). The Health Expression Models leveraged in the ImmunoPrism Assay enable quantification of immune cells and subtypes in solid tumor tissue, shown to be important in predicting response to immunotherapies. Built using machine-learning, these models have been demonstrated to provide measurable improvements to sensitivity and specificity over single-gene approaches currently used by the field. Access to Cofactor’s database of Health Expression Models has empowered translational and clinical scientists, along with drug development companies to utilize multidimensional biomarkers in their cancer research and clinical trials. Early adopters of Cofactor’s Predictive Immune Modeling technologies include the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, National Cancer Institute, and Genocea Biosciences.

“We are sitting on the 10 year anniversary of RNA-seq with shelves stuffed full of samples and data, created by cell profiling and analysis, yet we still can’t answer the fundamental question of predicting which immunotherapy will work with a specific patient or certain type of cancer,” said Jarret Glasscock, Cofactor CEO and founder. “The new Predictive Immune Modeling Grant is designed to inspire the science, research, and clinical communities to take a different approach to producing highly predictive multidimensional biomarkers to ultimately solve this massive problem.”

Cofactor Genomics will be showcasing its Predictive Immune Modeling technology during the Immuno-Oncology 360 conference with a talk in the “Transactional Science & Emerging Biomarkers” track and the panel on “Next Generation Biomarker and Companion Diagnostics for Predicting Response”.

Applications for the Grant Program will be accepted through April 15, 2019 and more details may be found here: https://cofactorgenomics.com/immunoprism-grant


About Cofactor Genomics

Cofactor Genomics is a Predictive Immune Modeling company. Cofactor has leveraged its experience as one of the first CAP-certified, clinical RNA sequencing laboratories to develop new methods that better characterize disease. Instead of searching for isolated, single-analyte biomarkers, Cofactor’s products create multidimensional biomarkers that better capture the complex immune response. Cofactor has pioneered the molecular and machine learning tools to build Health Expression Models used for Predictive Immune Modeling. Through their molecular, informatic, and database tools, Cofactor Genomics enables their partners to deliver more expedient, cost effective, and successful clinical trials. Find out more about how Cofactor Genomics is revolutionizing biomarker discovery and immuno-oncology at cofactorgenomics.com.


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