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T Cell State Profiling Using RNA Models

Predictive Immune Modeling enables Functional Assays in FFPE

New technology is necessary to bridge the gap and advance precision medicine. To address a current challenge in immune-oncology, Cofactor has developed an assay to evaluate exhaustion, activation, memory or unstimulated T Cell states in both cell therapy products and FFPE patient samples.


Utilize this new assay to measure T Cell state without the need for viable cells, laborious functional assays, or massive amounts of tissue. Multidimensional Health Expression Models have made this feasible – with minimal cells or tissues required. This T Cell State Profiling product can help cell therapy researchers characterize their cell therapy products at every stage, or help cancer researchers study the immune response in a solid tumor.

T cell States Exhaustion Model Performance

Exhaustion Model Performance

RNA models estimate and capture the change from unstimulated, to peak activation, to full exhaustion.

T cell States HNSC HPV Status

HNSC HPV Status Exhaustion Comparison

Head and Neck Cancer samples that were profiled for exhaustion and compared by HPV status.

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