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Seth M. Pollack, MD

Dr. Seth M. Pollack is an expert on sarcomas, cancers of the bone & soft tissues. Learn more about our collaboration in this GenomeWeb webinar: LINK  

Immune Profiling

Gene Expression in Immune-Oncology

Mutational Burden

Closing the Book


The Importance of Immune-Oncology

How low can you go?

How low can you go? Advantages of low-input RNA-seq over single-cell RNA-seq Do you believe RNA sequencing has become an essential tool in addressing biological questions? That it is a powerful [...]

Get ready for #TriCon with Discount Registration!

The Cofactor team can most often be found in our St. Louis laboratory, or our San Francisco offices.  But, sometimes we hit the road to share our latest work with our customers, collaborators, [...]

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