Flow Cytometry

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Paragon opens up the accessibility of vast clinical archives, 

beyond the fresh tissue required for flow cytometry.  

Characterizing clinical samples using flow cytometry is difficult, expensive, and inconvenient. 

We're using the power of RNA-seq to change the way clinical researchers use immuno-oncology. 


Cofactor Paragon provides robust characterization of the tumor and tumor microenvironment, from a single sample. 

Formalin-Fixed Parrafin Embedded

Cofactor's Paragon is available prior to launch for select Technology Access Partners. Contact us to learn more. 

  • Escape: Highlights the expression of prominent immune inhibitory molecules. 

  • Activation/Infiltration: Quantify the level of 24 leukocyte subtypes present in the tumor microenvironment. 

  • Recognition: Measures the foreignness of the tumor using mutational burden. 

Cofactor Paragon

Paragon reports on three main factors relevant to immuno-oncology: 

Replace multiple, disparate assays such as: 

  • Expression Arrays
  • Flow Cytometry
  • DNA tumor/normal SNP sequencing

with a single assay, saving time, money, and precious clinical samples. 

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