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We're using the power of expression models to give translational and clinical researchers improved insights for durable immune biomarkers in

solid tumors. 

Cofactor ImmunoPrism provides comprehensive, quantitative immune profiling from only 2 sections of solid tumor FFPE tissue.

ImmunoPrism is now commercially available.

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ImmunoPrism shows high concordance with flow cytometry when analyzing immune cells from PBMC samples, and accommodates degraded samples from FFPE. 

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Save Time.                      Save Money.                Save Samples.

Cofactor ImmunoPrism delivers: 

  • Fully-analyzed and easy-to-interpret report including immune cell types and immune escape genes from only two sections of FFPE 
  • Comprehensive, quantitative characterization of solid tumor immune profiles in challenging clinical samples previously inaccessible by IHC or flow cytometry
  • Improved biological insights for immune-oncology using machine-learning based expression models

ImmunoPrism, %

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Cofactor’s ImmunoPrism™ Assay is offered both for Research Use Only (not to be used as a diagnostic assay) and as a CAP-validated assay. 

 Please contact us to discuss which option is right for your application.