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ImmunoPrism Assay

Powered by RNA

ImmunoPrism® generates comprehensive immune profiles from minimal tissue.

Novel Insights from
Less Material

Driven by targeted RNA sequencing, our platform requires very little tissue to generate comprehensive immune characterization. This enables you to do more with your precious patient materials, without compromising the data you generate.

More Sensitive, More Accurate,
& More Meaningful

Our database enables higher specificity of difficult-to-analyze immune cell types, with quantitative intra- and inter-sample comparisons. We deliver more accurate, sensitive, and actionable results than other immune profiling platforms.

Save Time & Money for
Biomarker Discovery

We’ve invested in optimizing workflows and building databases so you don’t have to. Receive individual immune profiles and full biomarker analysis that’s both cost-effective and time-sensitive.

Diagrams of 5 Health Expression Models

World’s Largest Database of
Health Expression Models

Cofactor has leveraged the power of machine-learning and RNA-seq to build gene expression models that capture complex biology and enable quantification in heterogenous tissue samples. With our current clinical focus on immune-oncology, the database contains models of key immune cells known to play a role in immune-oncology.

Multidimensional Biomarker Discovery

Improved immune profiling alone does not address the challenges of precision medicine. The ImmunoPrism® Assay uses Predictive Immune Modeling to combine signals and generate multidimensional biomarkers. Full statistical interpretation including ppv, npv, and ROC curves empower clinical interpretation.


Cofactor’s ImmunoPrism® Assay is available as a turnkey solution with validated reagents and cloud-based informatics. Purchase the kit for use in your laboratory, or work with our scientific experts to design a study in our CAP-CLIA certified laboratory.

ImmunoPrism Assay
ImmunoPrism Assay

Submit patient materials directly to our scientific experts and laboratory.

ImmunoPrism Kit
ImmunoPrism Kit

Receive the ImmunoPrism® kit and use your own sequencing resources.

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