Moving RNA out of discovery
and into diagnostics

“RNA-based diagnostics have the potential to significantly improve patient stratification, which is at the
heart of precision medicine.  It allows us to move beyond the predictive power of DNA, and into true
biomarker expression.  Treatment that provides the right drug for the right patient at the right time?
This will help us get there.”

Dr. Natalie LaFranzo

Director of Scientific Projects and Market Development


Paragon: Profiling tumor micro-
environment cell report for

Version: Beta

Cofactor Paragon reports on the cellular components of the tumor micro-environment. 32 cell types are reported and provide valuable insight in studies aimed at understanding how the micro-environment and the immune activity plays a key role in efficacy of treatment.


Cofactor’s Paragon Assay is for Research Use Only and should not be used as a diagnostic assay.

Don’t miss key developments in Cofactor’s Immuno-Oncology assay.



Are you a translational researcher looking for CAP/CLIA-validated RNA-seq data?

Contact us to learn more about our RNA-seqDx offering.

CAP/CLIA-Grade RNA Sequencing Products

Product NameCatalog NumberDescriptionPrice per Sample
RNA-seqDxCFGDX-101CFGDx-102Fresh-Frozen CAP/CLIA RNA sequencing, 30 million single-end reads   Fresh-Frozen CAP/CLIA RNA sequencing, 60 million single-end reads$1000$1500

RNA-seqDx accepts RNA from fresh-frozen human samples only. Samples must meet minimum quality and quantity requirements for CAP/CLIA sequencing. QC Results provided within 72 hours. Please contact us to discuss other experimental designs for this protocol.  All offerings above include single-end 75 bp sequencing and delivery of raw FASTQ files only. This protocol does not include comparative expression analysis.  Minimum sample number 10; turnaround time dependent on batch size. Average turnaround time is 6 weeks for batch size of 24. 

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