September 1, 2014

Sample Submission

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Please follow the guidelines outlined in the sample reference cards below.

  1. DNA
  2. RNA

These documents contain information on sample requirements for the various sequencing options offered at Cofactor Genomics. For custom projects that fall outside of standard library types please contact Sara Ahmed.

  • DNA must be dissolved in EB or TE buffer and shipped on cold packs or dry ice.
  • RNA must be dissolved in water and shipped frozen on dry ice.
  • Include a copy of your quote and sample list spreadsheet when you mail samples.
  • Guidelines for International shipments

Please download the sample list spreadsheet and fill out the following form:

Quote Number (required)

Principle Investigator (required)

Email (required)

DNA/RNA Extraction Method (required)

Sample Organism (required)

Number of Samples Enclosed (required)

Sample List Spreadsheet (required)

Sample QC Information (Examples: Gel Images, Bioanalyzer Trace, additional spreadsheets, etc.)

Are there any known issues with your sample?

Please ship all samples to:

Cofactor Genomics
Attn: Sample Submission
4044 Clayton Ave
St. Louis, MO 63110

Pictures and/or Bioanalyzer traces can also be emailed ahead, to avoid delays due to poor-quality samples to

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