September 16, 2014


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Cofactor Genomics Awarded NIH Grant to Develop a Circular RNA Enrichment Kit and Reference Profile

August 2014, Cofactor Genomics has been awarded a grant by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), an institute of the NIH, to develop a standardized enrichment kit and define the normal reference profile for circular RNAs (circRNA) in the nervous system. These types of products could prove critical in advancing studies focused on neuronal development, […]
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1 graph that will give you a new perspective on your sequencing experiment

You’ve heard us talk plenty of times before on this blog about saturation curves. We generate them for every project because they’re incredibly powerful in helping to understand a sequencing experiment. To that end, I thought I’d walk through several specific examples to give you an inside look at how we interpret saturation curves. Here is a […]
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DNA Methylation – A Primer

In my last blog I began a discussion on the many different DNA and RNA modifications that can modulate gene expression as part of a complex system. Over the next few blog posts I will be continuing this conversation, and today I will focus on DNA methylation. First, what is methylation? Well, it is a structural change, […]
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Spike-in controls – what’s your take?

In staying up to date with the latest trends in industry, the folks at Cofactor, myself included, often take a look at some popular blogs and other sources of information.  Recently while browsing through RNA-seq Blog I came across an interesting poll they had put up concerning spike-in controls for RNA-seq experiments. Now granted, a sample […]
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3 Beautiful Images of RNA-seq

Biological data is complex. Possibly some of the most complex genomics data is that which tries to capture the RNA, or transcriptome, that is active in a sample. A central theme to our research and development is representing large complex data in new ways in order to aid in assessment and discovery. Below are 3 […]
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